ULI Paddle Boards

ULI Paddle Boards

ULI Inflatable Rescue Sled

Helping save lives across the world, our ULI Inflatable Rescue Sleds are built tough to take on heavy conditions. The sleds are light enough to be easily managed and manoeuvred. Read More >>


The Gerry Lopez model is our more advanced Inflatable SUP. It has a more traditional shape. A pointed nose with good kick for better penetration when paddling out through the surfline or recovering from a nose dive in whitewater. Read More >>

ULI 10 Steamroller iSUP

New lighter version! Our 10 foot Inflatable  stand-up board is the favorite of ULI teamrider, Steamroller. The board is easy to manoeuvre and perfect for nose rides and can handle a 120 kg+ person. Read More >>

ULI 11' Steamroller iSUP

New lighter version! Our 11’0 is our most popular  Inflatable stand-up board. This board is an effective training board and great for beginners.SydneyGold CoastMelbourneWhitsundaysCronullaSUPS ULIRed PaddleSUPS from USABest qualityFirst Inflatable SUP manufacturer Read More >>

ULI 12'6 iSUP

ULI’s newest race/tour/surf  Inflatable SUP the 12' 6” x 32” is now available. We’ve surfed and paddled our 12' 6” SUP for over three years now. Our prototype 12' 6”s are the ONLY inflatables to have competed alongside hardboards in the ”Battle of the Paddle" ”Elite division” two years in a row. Read More >>

14'0 Race, Tour board iSUP

The new 14’0 race/touring  Inflatable SUP. Includes hand pump and gauge. Fins; single fin set up. Read More >>