Snap davits


Boating Connexions offer a large range of snap davits. They may be purhased and fit yourself, Boating Connexions also have a full range of accessory items such as slide plates, stand- off arms, mounting patches etc  for  snap davit systems as well as associated product such as swivel brackets, engine brackets, pulleys, stern rails

Boating Connexions have a specialized team with many years experience in fitting davit systems. They are able to custom make and fit davit systems for duckboards that do not fit in to the standard category as well as fit the necessary components to the tender.RIB Force Inflatables have full engineering facilities to modify snap davit brackets and components as Boating Connexions are able to offer a wide range of different, internationally known brands of snap davits which include, Yachtsman, Ceredi and Weaver snap davits. 

Prices for davit kits start at $495 for the kit only. With fitted snap davit installations prices are quoted with reference to the vessel to which the tender is to be fitted as well as the requirements of the owner. Indicative prices for a basic installation of davit clips and the fitting of a tender start at $1350.The price depends on the work required.  Installation includes the fitting of slide plates/clips to the duckboard as well as the fitting of pads and D rings to the tender.

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