Heavy Duty 415

Designed to be tough and reliable. Ideal for diving or club use, whenever a heavy-duty inflatable with a little extra space is required. These are boats that can carry a lot more people and gear,just  like a box trailer on water.



Model    415
FabricMehler Haku PVC or Achillies HP
Boat ColourRed
Max. persons8
Max. HP30
Transom heightShort
Max. engine weight (kg)85
Max. load  (kg)950
Weight1 (kg)113 for Mehler Haku PVC model
121 for Achillies HP model
Length (cm) [outside]415
Width (cm) [outside]188
Tube diameter (cm)48
Number of air chambers3+Keel
Dimensions of folded boat (cm) - Bag 1
                                                            - Bag 2
145 x 65 x 38
113 x 75 x 12
Warranty on fabric and seams3 years for Mehler Haku PVC model
5 years for Achillies HP model

1. Includes weight of oars, does not include the weight of seat (where applicable), double action pump, repair kit and carry bag.
Recommended tube air pressure is 0.25bar (3.6psi)
Due to our constant efforts to offer the finest products available, Mercury inflatables reserves the right to change specifications without notice.MERC 415 Heavy Duty 4 L



  • Ideal for diving and fishing.
  • Aluminium floorboards with strong interior construction (#1& 2 floorboards are fibreglass).
  • Inflatable keel forms a V in bottom of the boat for improved performance.
  • Stainless steel towing eyes in transom, make ideal davit lifting points or towing eyes for water sports activities.
  • ABS sheet laminated transom, eliminates transom maintenance. Includes plastic shim to raise motor height if necessary.MERC 415 Heavy Duty 3 BL
  • Inside one way water drain.

Buoyancy Tube

  • Available in Mehler Haku PVC or Achillies PVC fabric
  • 3 separate internal air chambers for safety.
  • Semi-recessed air valves - self draining, internal spring-loaded quick seal system, with plug.
  • Euro-style rounded and reinforced end cones.
  • Easily accessible internal lifting eyes, make ideal davit lifting points.
  • Ample grab ropes for easy exit / entry.MERC 415 Heavy Duty 2 Front
  • Oar stowage.
  • Rub strake.
  • 6 x combined external cleat / grab handles for easy transportation and launching.
  • 2 external stainless steel D-rings under the bow
  • Bow-eye / handle
  • Extra eyelets for installing bow bag
  • Additional double layer wear pads (embossed anti-skid pattern for Mehler Haku PVC boats)

Standard Equipment

  • 2 storage / carry bags.
  • Repair kit.
  • Double action hand pump with gauge.MERC 415 Heavy Duty 9 Hull
  • Aluminium oars.
  • Removable fibreglass seat. Extra seat position.

Optional Accessories

  • Bow dodger storage bag.
  • Under seat storage bag.
  • Launching wheels.
  • 12v Bravo automatic electric inflator and deflator.
  • Boat cover.

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